Shower Repair


Taking a shower can feel like a fresh start to your day. Apart from cleansing your body, it allows for personal reflection on the events of the previous day. It’s also a great opportunity to consider the upcoming winter season, which translates to higher energy costs and drier weather. As such, it’s crucial to promptly address any plumbing concerns as they emerge.

Before taking any other action, identify the cause of the malfunction if your shower is not working. This can be achieved by examining the shower area and attempting to pinpoint the source of the problem. If you are unable to rectify the issue on your own, it is essential that you consult a proficient plumbing company. AZ Express Plumbing, located in San Tan Valley, Arizona, offers excellent and reliable shower repair services. Our team of experienced professionals can rapidly identify the problem and provide a solution to restore your shower to its usual working condition.

What are the benefits of shower repair work?

You may not realize it, but apart from the inconvenience, a malfunctioning shower can harm your flooring and any adjacent wood. Moreover, leaking faucets can lead to a considerable increase in your water bill over time, amounting to hundreds of dollars!

Our expert plumbers can enhance your shower’s performance by installing a green aerating showerhead. These fixtures conserve water while maintaining adequate water pressure, allowing you to save money without compromising your shower experience!


Showering is a daily routine, whether it’s a quick rinse after an activity or preparing for an essential business meeting. As such, the role of plumbers in our daily lives is crucial. However, it’s essential to engage the services of competent plumbers for installations. That’s why AZ Express Plumbing in San Tan Valley, Arizona, offers dependable repair services. Our specialists are equipped to replace washers, repair cracked fittings like knobs and valves, and rectify sink leaks.